Vincent Finaldi
Vincent Finaldi
Learn the pitfalls.
Navigate family dynamics.
Build a legacy.

“Helping other generational businesses thrive is personal to me. The reality of inheriting an established business is much different than most think. I know because I’ve lived it with my own family. As the current 2nd-generation co-owner of a family business, I’ve seen and experienced first-hand the unique challenges and obstacles that come with moving a family business forward. It is my passion to others with the knowledge and insights in order to keep families together and enable them to be successful.”


Sharing Insights & Knowledge About Generational Businesses

Many 1st-generation business owners are unprepared to hand off their company to the next generation. The structure of the stock/business transfer is often done improperly, there are no written agreements in place, and the company procedures and marketing strategies are woefully outdated. Add in the emotional ties and complex family dynamics, and you have a recipe for a painful situation for both the family and the business.

Using my first-hand experience, I provide others with the knowledge and resources to embark on their own 2nd- and 3rd-generation journey. You’ll be empowered to:
  • Quickly identify issues before they erupt
  • Take pro-active measures to protect family relationships,
  • Shift the company mindset into a 21st-Century business model, including growth strategies for business infrastructure and marketing.

Family Dynamics

Understand and maintain complex family relationships.  Sacrificing the family unit for the business is not an option.

Business Success

Know and avoid the family-owned business pitfalls as you build success for yourself and the next generation.

Vincent Finaldi

Reduce Stress & Increase Wealth
in Your Family-Operated Business

Generational Business Statistics

Thriving family-owned businesses are the backbone of our economy.
  • 5.5 million family businesses in the US
  • 60-70% 2nd generation businesses fail
  • 87-90% 3rd generation businesses fail*

*(FEUSA, 2011)

Family: What Really Matter

The pressure on the 2nd generation business owner is two-fold; the financial fear of losing the business and the (biggest) fear of disappointing the first generation. Creating a long-term plan for business success and fostering an environment that is inclusive to ensure that everyone is heard helps you focus on what really matters.


Having Healthy Relationships

Everyone has a seat at the table. Learn to communicate clearly and compassionately to ensure touchy subjects don’t get swept under the rug.


Understanding Business Challenges

Look to the future to identify upcoming issues so that you can create plans and strategies to avoid them.


Growth Strategies for Success

By implementing sound business infrastructure and results-driven marketing strategies, your business will continue growing and will be set up to thrive for future generations.

2nd Generation Podcasts Topics

  • Birth order matters – learn the family dynamics as it relates to birth order
  • In-depth sharing about family health within a business environment
  • Transitional strategy “musts” from 1st gen to 2nd and from 2nd gen to 3rd generation
  • Which family agreements are a must for the family and business to thrive
  • How to identify relationships that are turning bad
  • How to deal with siblings and differences of opinion
  • How to save family relationships
  • What are 5 pitfalls to look out for and how to avoid them
  • Shifting from the old to new growth strategies

Creating a Legacy Starts with Knowledge

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Our Family Business

The Finaldi siblings bring extraordinary value to other family-owned businesses due to going through and learning first-hand what are the streamlined pathways to success for the business and avenues of action that keep the family full of love and making wonderful memories together.

Telecloud began in 1982 when Michael Finaldi founded it in Union, New Jersey. We transitioned from installing traditional on-premise phone systems to providing modernized Unified Communications & cloud-based VoIP services.

Damon Finaldi (Older brother) is the President and Vincent Finaldi is the Vice President.  Cara Miscia (middle child) is critical on the back end of the organization from an operational perspective.  We are growing and evolving the company with technology and innovative strategies in a fast-paced environment.

Vincent Finaldi - Family